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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  May 26, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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inch to help. they all just laugh. >> thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. a special "on the record" with greta right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> today, i have the honor of introducing a man who needs no introduction. that man is my father. [cheers and applause] >> he would be the best president. >> he is an amazing guy. everything he has ever touched turns to gold. >> he is fed up with what's going on in this country. >> when he speaks, he speaks in the person. he speaks not in little one word sound bite. >> who is going to pay for the wall? >> mexico. >> i know my husband is strong, tough, great leader. >> he doesn't get the credit for being the businessman is he.
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>> he is incredibly proud of how is he doing. >> he is incredibly smart. incredibly knowledgeable. >> if he was in the biggest meeting of his life, he would pick up the phone. >> he will do what the country needs. >> is he a business man. he has created jobs. >> i have a great family. i really have a great family. i just want to thank all of you. ♪ ♪ >> i think he would be an absolutely phenomenal president. [chanting] u.s.a. >> yes, it's time to meet the trumps. the trump family. ready to go "on the record" to tell you what they really think about donald trump's run for the white house. plus, are the trumps ready to be america's first family? tonight, we take you behind the scenes, inside trump tower for a tour with melania. "on the record" gets a sneak peek of the trump hotel two blocks from pennsylvania avenue. donald trump jr., eric
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donald trump, and evanca. first, who is donald trump? and is he ready to be president of the united states? >> we need a leader that wrote the art of the deal. >> you know him as the donald. and there is a chance he may be your next president he turned the trump organization into a global brand. >> i am donald trump and i have properties all overth place. >> before long, the donald proximate causes new york's most well known and most controversial developer, making huge deals. new york's grabbed hyatt in 1974. trump tower in 1979. the ethic city, new jersey casinos 1980. later it would be golf courses, more hotels and, yes, more buildings in new york and around the world. in 1987, the donald publishing his number one best selling book the art of
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the deal. >> i like making deals, preferably big deals. that's how i get my kicks. >> massive losses and crash in the rae market. the result corporate bankruptcy for some his properties. under trump's leadership his company not only survived but was ready for the future. the donald starring in a hit tv show "the atis." and, of course, we all remember this. >> i don't like excuses. you're fired. >> and trump also making a name for himself in politics, sparking controversy by demanding a copy of president obama's long form pirt certificate. >> i'm very honored to have gotten him to release his long form birth certificate or whatever it may be. >> and after considering it many times before, the deal-making billionaire is officially running for president. >> i am officially running.
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[cheers] >> for president of the united states and we are going to make our country great again. >> and you've seen her on the cover of vogue and so many other magazines. well, now, she could be your next first lady. mrs. trump taking us behind the scenes and on a tour of the trump's expansive penthouse in fifth avenue trump tower. first, melania trump and how she met her husband donald trump and what he is like when he is not on camera. >> how did you meet? >> we met in new york 1996 in september. we met at a fashion party. it was big fashion party that my friend organized fashion week. and he invited me. that's how we met the donald. >> did you like him immediately, or not? >> i like him. he had a great charm, but he arrived with a date. >> oh.
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>> so, and he was very charming and great mind and great energy. we had connection from the beginning. >> and when was the next time you saw him? >> we saw each other, i think around a week. because i had obligations, work obligations. i travel to caribbean for a photo shoot. so when i came back, i called him and we got together. >> so i called him? >> yes. >> he didn't call you? >> well, at first, when we met, i didn't give him my number. he was with a date. so i told him give me your number and i will call you. i want to do see what kind of number he would give me. business, home? if he would give me business number, i'm not a girl doing business whim, why we give me a business number? so he gave me all of them. and when i came back i said give me your number, promise i will call you.
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i came back after the photo shoot and i called him. >> and so then you went out on a date? >> woe went on a date. and we ha great time. >> where did you go? >> we went to mumba. a place in new york downtown. fun place. we stayed for quite a long time. had a great chemistry. >> did you think maybe there is a possibility with this guy? you know, might want to marry him later or that way too soon. >> way too soon. you need to know somebody. you need to spend time with a person. you don't know yet in such a quick time. you cannot know marrying person or not, especially the known person as he was. it's very different when you are dating celebrity or if you are dating somebody unknown. >> so it was several years later before you got married? >> yes. >> how long? >> we were together -- like before we got married for seven years we know each other. >> so he asked you to marry
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you. where were you when he asked to marry you? >> it was a special night. it was a gala in new york. we were both dressed. and he asked me to marry me. >> no hesitation? >> no. but -- i knew a little bit that, you know, he might propose sooner or later. and it was, you know, of course no hesitation. we were together for so long. we know each other. we are very compatible. we like the same things. we are very independent. we gave each other space as well. so he does what he wants to do and he loves to do. and i do what i love to do. that was my decision not to go on the campaign. because i said i want to be a parent to my child. and he completely agreed with that and i said i will be there when i can be there and support him hundred percent every day all the
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time. >> i don't wish hardship on anybody. but hardship oftentimes shapes one in some ways. what do you think is probably his worst hardship in life? what do you think has been tough for him? >> i think when he lost his brother. >> how old was he when that happened about? >> i think he was a teenager. >> what happened to his brother? >> his brother was very successful pilot. and he had the problem with alcohol and drugs. not so much maybe the drugs at the time but more alcohol. and he passed away. and he always teach donald and said to him don't drink, don't smoke. you know, do the best. so he learned a lot from him. and that really shaped him in one way as well. my husband doesn't drink. i don't drink. he doesn't smoke. i don't smoke. we don't take drugs. we are working hard to be enjoying life. and i think that's very important. it's only one life. >> you know his other children, of course.
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>> yes. >> do you get along with them? >> very nice children. we have a great relationship. and now that we are traveling a lot for the doe baits and went to iowa and new hampshire, we spend a lot of time together. so very nice kids. >> do you get a knot in your stomach at the debates with donald up on the stage. >> no, i don't. >> you don't get nervous for your husband. >> no, i don't. >> how you cannot? >> i know he will handle himself. i know him. i know he will be tough and smart. and, you know, he is quick on his feet. he is -- in his mind he is very quick. there isn't one ounce of nerves for you? >> no. i just think, you know, do well. be who you are. >> well, he certainly has -- he is getting the votes. >> yes. >> he is getting a lot of votes. is this what you expected? >> when he announced in june, i told him that he needs to announce it. if he will just look at him and look at his polls,
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before announcement, people were saying he will not be the right one. the polls were not the way they are now. he will not go anywhere. he needs to announce. people will see he is serious and what he wants to do for the country. i said once you announce, you will see you will go like a rocket. it will be unbelievable. because i know i experience that with him when we were traveling and he was doing business and that what happened. did i expect would go for that long, for all eight months? number one, never thought about it. never thought about it. and, it's very exciting, amazing what's going on. as you say, it's a movement. it's amazing. all the rallies when he goes and he talks, the people, their energy. he brought back the
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enthusiasm for the country. and to do good and to have a dream and to dream big and everything is possible. >> what's the one word that you think describes him? a. >> amazing heart. amazing mind. leader. that's what i say, leader. >> you will hear more from melania but who are the trumps? what are they like? and are they ready to possibly be america's first family? >> i have a great family. i really have a great family. i just want to thank all of you. >> it's time to meet the trump family. >> my children, i mean, they will always be children to me, i don't care. right? my children have been so amazing. >> first, meet mellaneia, take a look at her a slovenian model, a mother and successful business woman. she moved to new york in 1996. it wasn't long until she met her future husband, donald trump. before long, she was selling jewelry on qvc. >> i like to offer women
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many, many different choices. >> hitting the campaign trail with her husband. >> he is a fighter. and if you elect him to be your president. he will fight for you and for our country. ♪ >> and, of course, there is donald trump jr. the first born son and graduate of the prestigious wharton school at the university of pennsylvania. donald jr. is falling in his father's footsteps. is he a big shot at the trump organization running development for the company. in his free time is he avid hunter and supports his father on the campaign trail. >> he is going to give all of you a voice again. >> of course we all know ivanka, a business mogul running her own fashion brand while also playing a major role in the family company. one of her biggest deal trump durrell she bought it for 150 million. some think it's worth more than a billion. get this, she is a mother too. >> as a young girl growing up my father always told me that i could do anything that i set my mind to.
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he meant it >> i really have a amazing family. he ivanka is one of my best friends in the world as is don. >> big wig. rubs his own charity, eric trump foundation which raises money for terminally i will children. he is a regular right here at "on the record." >> we couldn't be more proud of our father. he is doing an awesome job. >> that's not it. there is also tiffany trump who keeps a low profile. donald's only child with ex-wife marla maples. she is a graduate of the university of pennsylvania. of course, there is barren, the youngest trump. growing up in trump tower right in the heart of new york city. >> i want to thank barron for putting up with the fact that i never see him anymore. >> and the family is here. ivanka, donald jr., and eric ready to go "on the record." meet the trumps in just minutes. also, is melania trump super star and mother ready to be
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first lady? more from melania "on the record" from inside trump tower straight ahead. >> donald, what do you think of your wife melania's interview when she did her interview with us "on the record"? >> i thought it was great. she loved it. she thought you were fantastic. >> that's good. that's good. >> so do i. but i thought it was a great interview. it was in-depth and, yet, there was something very warm about it and nice. but that doesn't surprise me. in a good, clean salad, every ingredient is the main ingredient. whether it's big... or small. first to go. or best for last. sweet. or not so sweet. whether it's tossed... or twirled. if it's easy prey. or plays hard to get. every last crunch, sprinkle and drip... should be as clean
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you know her from the cover of vogue and so many other magazines. but, who is melania trump?
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here's a question i have want to do ask you for a long time. how many languages do you speak. >> i speak few languages. >> what ones? >> english, german, italian, french. i learned when i lived there. so, it was easier to communicate with me and for me with other people. so it was easy. but now it's like english, english, english all the time. especially my son is in school. and i help sometimes with homework. and it's exciting. >> you grew up in slovenia? >> i grew up in slow screenia, yes. >> what language did you speak there as a child. >> slovenian. >> is there more than one dialect? >> there is some. you probably never thought as a child you would be first lady of the united states. >> i didn't think about that. >> i'm not surprised. >> no, i didn't think about
4:19 pm
that i start modeling when i was very little, around 7 years old. my mother can constructer and designer. she brought me with her, and i modeled when i was 7. and then i went professionally later on. and was very exciting for me to travel with my parents. we love to travel. and i had beautiful childhood. >> what did your father do for a living? >> he was in sales. and then when possible to open own business when slovenia separated, he opened his own business. and was successful at it and now most of the time is he spending here with us in new york or wherever we go. and traveling back and forth. >> when did you become a professional model? about what age? >> i was professionally i was 22. because i started before. so i moved then to millan in
4:20 pm
paris and in 1996 i came to new york. >> why did you come to new york? why not stay in paris or millan? >> i had an agent in paris, and they saw me there. and they said we would love that you work for us in new york. so that's how i came. i came with visa here. and after a few years, i applied for a green card. and then for the citizenship. >> well, you bring up the issue of immigration. you came here legally. >> correct. >> i take it that's a big deal to you? >> it is a big deal because we follow the law. you obey the law. i think other people should do that, too. i never thought just to sneak in to stay here. never crossed my mind. you want to be professional and you want to do the things the right way. >> do you have a dual citizenship with slovenia or not? >> yes i do. >> when you travel you travel with which passport. >> i travel with american passport. >> is it fun to be american.
4:21 pm
>> it's great to be american. >> do you feel sort of bad about leaving your former country? >> no, i don't feel bad. this is my life here. i love it here. this is my life. i have my family here and i love it love it from the first day i came here and i had a very successful modeling career. and then i stayed here. >> what magazines have you been on the cover of? >> oh, many. >> like? >> vogue, harper's bizarre. so many. instyle. i was inside many, many magazines like a lot. >> which is the top one? vogue? >> vogue would be the top one, yes. >> and when were you on vogue? how long ago? >> i was in 2005, when i got married i was on vogue cover. the first bride on the vogue.
4:22 pm
>> after marrying donald trump? >> yes. >> and will he -- melania is not the only woman in his life. his daughter ivanka and tiffany. went "on the record" to talk about a possible run. take a look. >> always ask your father only this is a slight different one. is he going to run for president or do you want him to run for president? >> well, as an american, i would love him to run for president. he is incredibly smart, incredibly knowledgeable. he has had tremendous experiences which would prepare him for the challenge. as a daughter, it's more complicated, obviously. it's a very tough life and the political one is a challenge. i think he would be an absolutely phenomenal president. and one of the things which i think is key is he has very strong viewpoints but he always listens. so, you know i think that's something woe don't see enough of in politics.
4:23 pm
he is always asking questions. he is always listening and he is always interested in what other people have to say. >> and now it's time to meet the sons. eric trump and donald trump jr. melania takes you on a tour, that's next. what's it like to be in good hands? like finding new ways to be taken care of. home, car, life insurance obviously, ohhh... but with added touches you can't get everywhere else, like claim free rewards... or safe driving bonus checks. even a claim satisfaction guaranteeeeeeeeeee! in means protection plus unique extras only from an expert allstate agent. it's good to be in, good hands.
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it's time to meet the trumps and now melania trump takes us inside the trump penthouse on trump tower on fifth avenue. >> before he decided to rupp for president, what -- to run for president, what was your day like? >> normally he goes in the office in the morning, wake up very early. goes to the office. and he is back by 7:00. so we try to have a dinner together. >> he doesn't drink, right? >> he doesn't drink. >> and your son is how old? >> he will be 10 soon who the disciplinarian you or donald? >> i am. i'm raising my child. here we team all the time. i'm raising him. i'm teaching him values and morals and preparing him for adult life because one day
4:28 pm
he will have wings and fly on his own. i just want to raise him the right way. i don't want nanny raising him. i stay at home. he was three weeks old. and so and then here it was like almost a year. and we have a few pictures. >> are you tough? >> yes, i'm tough. >> you are a tough parent? >> i'm fair. i'm fair. i let him be who he is. he is my child. but i don't want to change him. he is who he is i try to forgive him traditions and values and morals into his life, but i don't try to change him. i like that have his own yes and his own no. there is a perception by some that he has rough language with women. i don't know how else to say it what do you say to is that. >> i say he treats equally
4:29 pm
everybody you are a woman, you are a man, he treats everybody equally. he will tell you what's on his heart. so and he will tell you what he thinks. he doesn't hold back and he is real. he is a real person. >> is he funny? >> he is funny. he has a great sense of humor. he likes to have a good time. he loves to get together with family and friends. >> what annoys him? what's he got mad about? >> stupidity. >> really? like what. >> and i do too. if something is not done the right way. and especially if you tell somebody and they just don't do it. he likes to be the right things done he just doesn't like somebody who is not competent to do it. >> who is more likely to
4:30 pm
apologize first in a fight? you or donald? >> we don't have fights. >> you have never had a fight? never had argument. >> we don't have fights. >> you don't disagree on anything. >> we disagree and that's okay. i'm with my own brain and he is with his own brain. >> it never gets heated. >> no. >> you have never had an argument? >> i tell him my way, and he accept that. and i tell him -- you know, what i think and he is the same. he thinks what he thinks. >> well,. >> so these are great pictures. this is your son? >> this is barron. and this is for the halloween a few years ago. this was on our wedding night. and at home and donald going for baseball. >> this is donald's dad, fred. >> is that donald with him? >> yes.
4:31 pm
that's donald when he yawted. >> wow. >> and his mother is right here. >> and, of course, there he is on the cover of the magazine. >> yeah. these are my parents. my mom and dad. >> are your parents still living? >> yes. they are here. >> they are here? >> they are here a lot, yes. they love to spend time with my son and he loves them. and now it's a perfect age, too. they are really close together. >> and, of course, it helps with all the traveling, too. >> yes. of course, of course. >> what is it like to grow up trump? eric trump goes "on the record." nice to see you, eric. >> hey, greta, how are you? >> very well. okay, so your father says is he a strong negotiator. you work with your father. give me an example of what he means by that. >> he is the greatest. i have eaten him my whole life. i sit across the table every single day and there is no one better. is he incredibly quick and practical. he likes to keep things simple and get things done. can he cut through red tape. he is amazing men.
4:32 pm
we see at love great negotiator. no one better than he is he would be amazing president for this country. >> growing up, was the disciplinarian in the family. >> yes. he made us work and instilled great values. we were the last family to be caught dancing on a night table. that wasn't us. young age put on construction sites. we worked hard. expected to get great grades and perform. he held us to a high standard and we never let him down. he was amazing father and great guy. he still to this day one of my best friends and my boss and my mentor. i have the utmost respect for him. >> all right. at age 10, for instance, was he teaching you how to ride a baseball or were you out negotiating deals and looking at real estate. >> probably walking real estate. big building follow him around. he taught us the art of the deal just by being with him. you know i remember building lego sets in his office
4:33 pm
while he was negotiating great casino keels and other things. it was a lot of fun. yeah, probably less of the let's go play baseball in the yard. amazing guy. the relationship we have is incredible. i mean, just kind of the family dynamic. most of the time family businesses are total disasters. what we have been able to peace together, he, evac can -- i van carks myself. building the greatest hotels and golf properties. here is he winning the g.o.p. right now. i couldn't be more proud. >> dew points him to be president? >> listen, i think the man would do absolutely amazing job. the answer is yes. in fact, i ha encouraging him before he announce to do run. because, when you have that unique insight on a person, when you see their quality and how good they are at what they do, i think he would do phenomenal job for this country. we have real problems. $19 trillion worth of ebb debt. trade deficits all over the place. real problems in the middle east and educational
4:34 pm
problems. things need to be fixed in this country. infrastructure there would be no better infrastructure president than he would be, right? he is amazing builder. is he passionate about it quite frankly, he doesn't need to set aside his life to do this. he has to the an amazing company and he's doing it. very selfless. amazing thing. >> what do you make of sort of his spicy language? he has very spicy language. blunt, called people stupidity. he doesn't suffer fools and sometimes he punches back real hard. >> he does punch back really hard. that's one of the things i admire most about him and he can punch back real hard. that's one of the reasons people are attack the to do him. they are stick of the pc and nonsense. they want a person who will fight for this country and won't be bought by the lobbyists. he is that guy. really what gives him his charm and appeal and why people love him. >> so who gets the family business if he should become president? i mean, you have got two siblings. the with it of have you --
4:35 pm
the three of have you been working with your father a long time. >> my sister and don are great. we are opening up hotels all over the world. we are building the best golf course and residential buildings. we are having a great time doing it. it will be a team effort. >> that's a no answer. i don't get which sibling is going to be stepping over which other sibling. i don't get that. >> i mean, there won't be. we have never had a quarrel in our lives. we are really best friends. we do everything together. we do different hotels. we all run different properties. it really really works well. so contrary to many family businesses which are disastrous. we have amazing recipe and best friends and we're on this war path together and having a great time doing it. >> and the oldest son donald trump jr. also going "on the record" to talk about his family. >> your brother has been here and i asked him this question or something like it so i will ask you. growing up what was he like as a father? was he a disciplinarian.
4:36 pm
>> he was amazing father. he stressed education. he stressed the importance of that he stressed family and being together. i work with my siblings and him on a daily basis. dynamic. stressed the important things for what it is like to be a family and american. is he a patriot. he believes so strongly in these issues. which is why is he stepping back from a great life, a great business to do what is a relatively thankless thing the presidency. i wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. it's really great to see him so passionate about it. >> is this tough on the family on the three of you adult children. as you sort of sit by nice things said about your father but not so nice things. is that tough? >> i guess we are used to it a little bit. not like this is the first time we have seen him in the spotlight. we have some great things going on, thousands of projects that are incredible successes but the only thing anyone wants to talk about
4:37 pm
is the one failure 15 years ago. that happens in business. that's the reality in business. it's so disproportionately successful. that doesn't get enough credit. he doesn't get enough credit for being the businessman that he is for what he has created. >> do you think he wants to be president? >> i think without question. again, he wants to do it because is he fed up with what's going on in this country. the inefficiency, the stupidity, the people making trillion-dollar deals who have never made deals in any way, shape, or form in their lives. enough's enough. i think that's what's resonating with people. real americans really like the message that is he delivering. they are fed up, too. they have just been powerless to do anything about it. really he has given them that voice. it's amazing to see the reaction we get from people across all of the spectrums around the country when they talk about how much they love him and how they think he can do what we think can he do for this country and it's been amazing. >> when you were a kid, did you play catch with him or go look at property? >> we were definitely a more of go look at property kind
4:38 pm
of family. my mother did a great job on the other side. had grand parents that were so involved. that said, he was always there for us. he always made sure that -- if he was in the biggest meeting of his life if we called, he would pick up the phone. if he was negotiating huge deals and at the office we would be playing with trucks on the floor. he was always there for us. it was really interesting. it taught us about business and the importance of those decisions from a very young age. i always joke, i have been working in the company for 7 years because we had that kind of level of access and because he was always there with us. >> that is your age. anyway. donald, thank you very much. and more melania. what does she think about possibly becoming the next first lady? you'll hear from melania in just minutes. plus, right here and "on the record" donald trump and melania trump together. they are taking you inside trump's new hotel just two blocks from the white house. meet the trumps continues next. >> what kind of a first lady would she be? >> i think she would be
4:39 pm
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4:44 pm
like to be first lady? >> well, it's too early to say. [ laughter ] >> is he a wild man, isn't he? >> he is fantastic. what he does, unbelievable. he is energy. he is passion. and for this country and for everything that he does. >> is it safe to say donald is never dull? >> yes. is he never dull. >> you know how the family feels about donald trump as both a husband and father. but how do they handle hitting the campaign trail to try and get him in the white house? take a look at melania and the trump children on the trail. >> i just want to thank my family. they have been so supportive it's incredible. i just want to thank. >> you isn't he the best? >> we are so proud of our father. he has done such an incredible job. >> my father has been working unbelievablably hard his whole life. now is he dedicate to do working unbelievably hard for each and every one of ghu you are voting for your
4:45 pm
next president. the man who will work for you, who will work with you. and who is that man? >> donald. >> i agree. he's the man. >> there is a lot of things that make donald trump special to me. as a parent and as a mentor. but the most important is the strength of his character. >> as horrible and difficult as this process is running for president as disingenuous as it is and all the lies perpetuated and thrown out there. for him it's totally worth it. he says i'm stepping away from the business. you guys deal with that run with it good luck, don't blow it. >> he has employed tens of thousands of people over the years and he has inspired them to do extraordinary things. >> we are going to make america great again. there is no question about it. >> his great success has been the result of his bold vision and tenacious spirit. >> he going to do a great job for you and for this country. we are proud of him and we are psyched to be here. >> is he a brilliant
4:46 pm
negotiator and dealmaker and countless times i have stood by his side and watched him do deals that were seemingly impossible to get done. that determination will make him a strong and very importantly a highly effective president. >> he will be the best president ever. >> i have in doubt and i can say without equivocation my father will make america great again. he will make you very, very proud. >> he has been such an amazing father to me. he will be an amazing president to this country. thank you so much. [cheers and applause] >> so what does melania think about possibly becoming the next first lady. that's next. >> do you think she wants to be first lady. >> that, i can't tell you. she was very happy with her life before. she loves the idea of helping people. she will do a good job. help people whether it's the veterans or strength or military or creating borders so we have a country again.
4:47 pm
i mean, she knows what it is all about. it's a lot of work for her, for everybody, but she is -- my theme is make america great again. she knows i'm going to make america great again and we will do things properly in this country and to her that's very important. (war drums beating)
4:48 pm
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what does melania think about possibly becoming first lady of the united states? >> would you be a good first lady, do you think? >> yes, of course. >> why? >> i am perfectionist. i like to do things perfect. tof 100 percent into it in what i too. so if the american people
4:52 pm
would select my husband to be president, i would support him and i would support united states. i would support people. i will help them. i will work with women and children. they're our future. we need to take care of them. we need to guide them. we need to be the guide dance it elm. this they need us. children need us. and also i'm involved in many, many charities already. so i will pick one or two that are dear to our heart and work on them 100 percent. >> i know you do a lot of charities. one that stands out where your heart really is? the charity? >> make-a-wish foundation. boys club of new york. american red cross. it's fantastic organization. helps all around the world first here in the states. >> that make a wish is pretty amazing. >> make a fish is fantastic. >> tough on those children. >> very tough. >> they deal with so much.
4:53 pm
>> yes. >> have you ever been in the white house. >> i've never been there. >> never been there? >> no. >> your husband is restoring that hotel that you and i actually we spoke before at that hotel. >> yes. beautiful place. and he is doing fantastic job. under budget, it will open soon. he is doing really -- that's the kind of mind he wants to put in america. he wants to build america stronger and better than it ever was. >> is the media fair to your husband? >> not always. not always. >> in what way. >> they are not fair to me, too. >> in what way? , they saying stuff that not true. they don't say the truth. they write stuff that -- they don't want to give him credit. they don't want to say how smart he is. what he will do. what he can accomplish. they don't want to give him credit. >> why? why do you think that?
4:54 pm
>> because maybe he -- because he is outsider. he is not part of washington. he speaks his mind. he doesn't sleep under the rug. he says as he thinks and what needs to be say. because he is not a politician. he is not into just talking. he is a doer. he gets the thing done. >> you got married down in florida. >> yes in palm beach in the church. >> and does hillary clinton, secretary of state, former secretary of state hillary clinton and the president was there? >> yes. they were there. >> what are your thoughts about that? >> well, now is different time. that was in 2005. different time. he was private citizens. he was not for the office. he was friends and get along with many, many people. i don't see anything wrong with that. >> have you ever socialized with them besides the
4:55 pm
wedding with the clintons? >> no. no. >> any thoughts about secretary clinton as his opponent? >> well, now we will see where he is getting into we will see. i know my husband is strong, tough, great leader. he will do what the country needs. >> so it's going to get probably pretty rugged, i imagine, between the two of them if they are both the candidates. >> yes. we will see. >> that's okay with you? >> that's okay with me. it's nothing personal. it's all business. >> and coming up, donald trump's thoughts about his family. that's next. ♪ ♪ (charge music)
4:56 pm
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[ laughs ] [ male announcer ] research, price, find. only helps you get the right car without all the drama. duracell quantum lasts longer only helps you so kevin jorgeson can power through the night. sfx: duracell slamtones is it keeps the food out. for me before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. super poligrip is part of my life now. you have a big family. how does melania get along with the family. >> really good. that's not an easy situation. the relationship between all my children and melania has been amazing. it's been perfect.
5:00 pm
>> thank you for being with us tore this "on the record" special meet the trumps. tell me what you think about it on my facebook page. see you each night 7:00 p.m. eastern for "on the record." >> o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> it's the same story. it's not an issue that is going to effect either the campaign or my presidency. >> hillary clinton continues to say she is not in trouble over the email situation. but the "new york times" and "the washington post" both are disputing that. tonight, a hard look at whether secretary clinton will be indicted. >> this is not. they proved it by opening their bathrooms to perverted men. >> states suing obama administration over access to transgendered locker rooms. >> who did america defeat in the revolutionary war? >> germany? >> not germany. >> russia. >>


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